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   Writing | Storytelling | Content Creation

I have written, developed and implemented content in almost every form and variation possible for over 15+ years. From writing hundreds of blogs, scripting a travel series, working with EMMY award winning studios, writing K-12 curricula and content for award-winning educational groups, to spearheading CTA emails, sales campaigns and writing alongside a Broadway playwright, I hit the ground running. I know from years of varied experience that increased visibility and strong, professional content go hand in hand. Full writing samples upon request. Storytelling is a buzzword to some, but to me, it's a passion! My content marketing is strong and channel-specific for all websites, blogs, social media and email campaigns. 





A brief overview of topics that I enjoy creating content for include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and Online Learning

  • Digital Marketing

  • Women in Tech

  • Film and Television

  • On the Road Features

  • Food and Travel

  • DIY, Sustainability and Eco Trends

  • Fashion and Design

  • Culture and Exploration

  • Non-Profits and Start Ups

Writing Web Content: I curate and craft well-researched and keyword rich work that is SEO positive, relevant and already optimized for Google search. I lend a seamlessly conversational and authentic voice to products, descriptions and web related content. 


Blog Content: I shoot or arrange for all digital photos. (DSLR and Mobile/IG packages available), edit and optimize for web. I also help you promote related posts on my Twitter (16K followers), Instagram (18K) while providing fresh edits or revisions when necessary, My main goal with blogs is to drive authentic engagement with your chosen audience.


Script Treatments: I've developed, ghost written and revised treatments for everything from travel/educational video segments, industrials and full film/stage production pieces. I can easily assist you in crafting compelling scripts for your hosts or myself while making sure your voice and mission are both integrated into the work.



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