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Web E-commerce Digital Strategy | SEO

Looking to get page one results on Google? Wondering what your social media or e-commerce people are missing? Trying to determine whether to redesign from scratch or throw in the towel on your current website? Why is that form fill not working? Stop asking why and let me help you make the changes and decisions that directly impact your ROI and digital relevancy!


Working as a woman in tech for over 13+ years in New York City and Los Angeles, I've developed a dynamic skill set of

real-world experience. From directing Magento launches, revamping social media, lifting Conversion Rates, optimizing AdWords, or simply serving as an easy to understand, voice of reason in an often cluttered field of "experts" and "here and then gone" ninja types. 


  Whether a one-time consultancy or working with a long term retainer, I can handle your projects and show you compelling, quantifiable bottom-line results. Google, Buffer, Hubspot, and Hootsuite certified. Coverage includes, but is not limited to: 



  • Website Development & Customer UX 

  • Social Media SEO and Digital Media/Marketing

  • AdWords Development and Keywording

  • Ecommerce Launches and Development

  • Funneling Buying Behaviors (SalesForce)

  • Innovative Thinking and Rebranding Strategy

  • API/EDI and Warehouse Integrations (Saas)

  • Cart Abandonment and Loyalty/Retention

  • Google Analytics/Site Traffic Reporting

  • Paypal and Functionality

  • KPI Implementation and Reporting

  • Email & CRM Dev (Icontact/MailChimp/Marketo etc)

  • Mobile Applications and Implementation

  • Customer-Centric Email Campaigns

  • Seasonal and Holiday Online Sales

  • Content & Pipeline Marketing

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